Frequently Asked Questions


We cover several facilities in the Tri-State area of Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska.  All of our facilities are located within a 70 minute radius. 


TSS and our facilities rely on all of our staff to communicate any issues that may be occuring. It’s understandable that there will be hiccups every now and again. You must contact the staffing department at TSS and let them know your situation. Please do not contact your scheduled facility. Remember it is your responsibility to alert us if you will not be able to fulfill your shift.

If you encounter an error in your paystub please contact our finance department at ###-#### and provide details on what the issue is. The finance department is the only place you should discuss your pay with at TSS.

You can sign up for benefits through our HR department. Please contact HR at ###-#### or email and they will guide you through the paperwork.

You can claim available shifts through the Homebase app. They are color coded to make it easier to distinguish what positions have shifts that you can work.

Facility Info

Here you will find details on all our facilities. Refer to this list anytime you are scheduled at a new facility.