Why Should you use a Nurse Staffing Agency?

Nurse Burnout is real and costs facilities more than just hiring an Agency Nurse. Photo by Vladimir Fedotov

Demand for travel nursing is near all time highs, even before the pandemic put additional strain on healthcare facilities staff. Low nurse-to-patient ratios can and have led nurses to feeling overworked, underpaid, and eventually ending up in turnover. For rural areas that already struggle to maintain these ratios, this effect is magnified.

Smaller facilities have the same obligation to maintain proper nurse-patient ratios just like larger ones do, but without the same resources. This can create a tough situation as most rural facilities only have so much permanent staff to cover their bases. Travel nurses are a great solution to this problem, and can be used as a stop-gap measure for an understaffed shift. There are several situations worth using a Travel Nurse, including:

  • Travel nurses are able to cover for in house staff, due to health conditions or personal reasons.
  • Temporarily fill a role between full-time hires.
  • Additional Support during busy times of year.

Research conducted in this study found that using supplemental nurses can efficiently offset the cost of a permanent nurse working overtime. Add to this the benefits of reducing stress and tension from your in house staff due to an overwhelming work load.

Nursing shortages end up costing facilities more money, create greater liability, and risk turnover of vital permanent positions in that facility. It goes without saying that nursing is a hard career, utilizing travel nursing can make both facilities and nurses lives easier.

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