Construction Team Leader (Full Time)

We are a very small General Contractor (Class A License in many municipalities) located in Goodland Kansas. We are seeking a full time team leader.

This person must be absolutely reliable, have great work ethics, do impeccable quality work every time, and take care of tools. Our work will be amazing in quality and tradesmanship in every circumstance. Our tools will be clean, blades sharp, well taken care of, and in the correct storage location every time. Our vehicles and equipment will be clean, full of fuel, free of trash, and ready to work at all times. Everyone on the team will have a great attitude, clean uniform, and professional image. These are not negotiable.

This is a working leadership position. The successful candidate will supervise 1-3 others while still directly engaging in and completing construction tasks.

This is a full time, COVID-19 and economy resistant, long term position. We offer health insurance, retirement, and many other benefits.

I understand that most of you are located 2-3.5 hours from us. We work in both Kansas and Colorado. Will consider options including company work truck, 3 day work week, and other options to the perfect candidate. Also an option to move out east where real-estate is much more economical. However relocating is not required.

We do mostly remodel work, some roofing, concrete work, demolition, snow removal, excavation, and other commercial work.

The ideal candidate would possess some of the following skills

1) Leadership / project management experience
2) Supervising less skilled laborers
3) Remodel experience
4) Concrete finisher
5) Forming
6) Preparing sub grade for concrete
7) Asphalt roofing
8) Completing remodel jobs
9) Finish carpenter
10) Framing (small jobs) we sub out larger jobs and
11) Flooring
12) Tile
13) Bathroom and kitchen remodels
14) Tower climbing, to repair small infrastructure.
15) CDL
16) Handyman work
17) Demo work
18) Cutting and replacing concrete to install infrastructure
19) Drywall finishing (very small jobs, sub out larger jobs)
20) Siding
21) Window replacement
22) Operating Wheel loader
23) Operating a skyjack
24) Operating Dump Truck
25) Operating Bucket Truck
26) Operating Skid Steer
27) Operating Mini Excavator
28) Spraying basement coatings
29) Spraying roofing coatings
30) Painting
31) Decks

If you would love to be considered for this family / team and be proud of the work that we do please send me an e-mail and attach a resume. My e-mail address is

Thank you for your time and consideration.