Tri-State Staffing believes that everything we do should make our customers, patients, and visitors feel like family.  We consider each situation individually and strive to maximize the experience.  The first step toward meeting that goal is qualified, competent, and fun staff.  We work hard to recruit staff members that treat customers like family, assist clients at every turn, and leave customers eager to return to your facility.  Whether we are providing interim leadership, technical professionals, or professional nursing staff, you will find that we strive to provide staff that treat your employees like professionals.  Tri-State Staffing understands your need for quality, compassionate and reliable staff -- we are the company that will provide you with just that!  We offer a complete package: personalized contracts, attention to detail, and cost-effective options for your needs. 

TSS makes every effort to match qualified medical personnel to jobs that fit their qualifications as well as their personalities.
We specialize in recruiting highly competent and qualified staff to fill any needs that your facility--hospital, long-term care establishment, medical office, etc.--may have. Our applicants are carefully screened to ensure they possess the skills and abilities required to meet your needs.

We Staff:

  • CEO
  • EMT
  • Paramedic
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • ​Massage Therapist
  • Construction
  • Electrician​​
  • RN
  • LPN
  • CNA
  • CNO
  • Security Officer
  • ​Clerical​
  • ​​Interim leadership

​Our Services