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Tri-State Staffing would love to go fishing with you and your organization!!  We offer many solutions to assist your current and future staff in learning how to be proficient at fishing for new hires!  While many staffing agencies want to do all the fishing themselves, we offer many services that will build your staff and improve efficacy for the future.  Those services include:

New Graduate Recruitment. In this program, we will work with you to find a new nurse that fits the work ethic and other values your facility desires in employees.  We then will place them in a new graduate class to start the journey of getting them where they need to be with clinical skills.  In the next phase, we will pair them with a mentor from our staff to work in your facility alongside them.  Through real-life clinical experiences as well as simulated exercises, we will hone their clinical expertise and assist them in being comfortable working in your facility.  They will be required to complete appropriate credentialing which may include ACLS, PALS, NRP, TNCC, CEN, Chemo Certification, and/or RN-C.  

Temporary Executive Leadership. Make the most of a bad situation.  None of us cope that well when a key staff member leaves. Many times we deal with the gap in leadership by rushing to fill the position with someone who is potentially not the best for the facility in the long-term or short-term.  TSS can bridge that gap by placing an interim professional leader in your facility, allowing you to focus on methodically hiring the best new executive for your facility.  As an outside party, we are also able to evaluate and make recommendations about efficiencies and opportunities for improvement.  

Education.  What is your staff hungry for?  We design and teach many custom classes to augment the skills of your facility and staff.  Name a hospital in the world that would not benefit from a cardiac class or a customer service refresher.  However, that cardiac class needs to be customized. A class prepared for nurses at an open heart SICU would not be as beneficial for nurses in a rural clinic.  Yet, nurses in both of those settings have needs for professional development, and we tailor our classes to maximize their growth.


Policy reviews and recommendations.  

Safety and security evaluations, recommendations, and education.  We live in an ever-changing world.  Our experts provide evaluation services and recommendations in areas such as fire code, fall hazards, electrical code, building code, ergonomics, workplace violence, security, surveillance (camera and control systems), pharmacological and cash security, and communication. We will address any specific security or safety concerns that your staff may express.

Shared services between facilities.  Mama told you to share!!!!  Businesses of all sizes can share services and supplies to improve efficiency and decrease waste. With this program, we evaluate your facility and make recommendations for sharing services with other facilities.  You won't lose control, but you will gain value!  

Inspections.  Are you ready for an inspection??   Our trained professionals can inspect your facility and talk with your staff like an actual Joint Commission or state inspector.  You can sleep better at night knowing that many potential violations have been mitigated prophylactically. 

Retention programs.  Do you ever feel like you have a mismatch between benefits and employee satisfaction?  Do you stay up all night thinking about perfect Christmas gifts for your staff?  Have you ever created a morale or incentive program, but with the demands of running a facility and employee turnover, the plan suffers?  We evaluate the needs of staff, implement programs, and build morale and performance in a controlled, linear fashion.

Website maintenance.  Let us review your website weekly and keep it up-to-date.  Sound unnecessary? Browse a few sites.  How many have options to sign-up for a great program...if you hurry and sign-up last year!?  We do not offer time machines, but we do offer review services.  Let us notify your web builders that last year has passed!  

IT services.  Whether you need a fill-in IT professional for a few days so yours can take a day off or just need assistance with a specific problem, our in-house IT department can help.

Security.  Do you have a crazy day, large festival, or other reason for some extra security?  Our security professionals can help either for a few hours or for as long as your facility requires.

Professional Staffing Services

We are more than staffing...

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Tri-State Staffing believes that everything we do should make our customers, patients, and visitors feel like family.  We consider each situation individually and strive to maximize the experience.  The first step toward meeting that goal is qualified, competent, and fun staff.  We work hard to recruit staff members that treat customers like family, assist clients at every turn, and leave customers eager to return to your facility.  Whether we are providing interim leadership, technical professionals, or professional nursing staff, you will find that we strive to provide staff that treat your employees like professionals.  Tri-State Staffing understands your need for quality, compassionate and reliable staff -- we are the company that will provide you with just that!  We offer a complete package: personalized contracts, attention to detail, and cost-effective options for your needs. 

TSS makes every effort to match qualified medical personnel to jobs that fit their qualifications as well as their personalities.

We specialize in recruiting highly competent and qualified staff to fill any needs that your facility--hospital, long-term care establishment, medical office, etc.--may have. Our applicants are carefully screened to ensure they possess the skills and abilities required to meet your needs.

We invite you to contact us. Learn what we can do for you! TSS is eager to help!